Madison Gigabit Internet is proud to have been selected by Orange County as a primary ISP.

We are jointly submitting a Grant Proposal to Virginia State DHCD VATI for 2020, to build and operate internet service in western Orange. The official online announcement is here

The area we will serve is currently between Barboursville and Eheart. The streets are: Burnley, Ridge Road, Albano, Hamm, some of Rt 33, ????. This is not all we will eventually cover, just the starting point. The County has a plan for covering all over, over several years.

This map is a prelim, a better one will exist soon

VATI 2020 is a Jan 1 -- Dec 31 project execution. There are two parts to this: the actual fiber laydown, and the service installation. Orange County, and its selected contractor, will be responsible for the fiber laydown, along the designated roads in the service area. As build-time gets closer, we will be able to show the exact order of roads.

If you have not, please take the Orange County Broadband Service Survey. It will help with planning and priority. Before Aug 30, it will help with the grant proposal. After that, it will help with next year's effort.


We will be offering speeds beginning at 100 Megabits at $75, and will have full gigabit available later in the year.
If you haven't experienced that kind of speed, please come to the Madison office, or eat at Jenny Lynds Pizza in Madison to try it.

We will probably open a small office in Orange soon to support this expansion, so you'll be able to experience it there too.

Contact us here via email, 540-407-2886, or on Facebook.